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Gentlemen - may I join you ?

I am deeply appreciative of my friends in Brasil who flew 'Chico' and other models in my WorldWide Postal and I would like to similarly recognise your own postal contest for small gliders, if this is permissible ?

My apology for the poor quality of the photo of the model I have under construction (I think my camera is failing fast) but I hope to complete it soon. I only have two available weekend dates on which to fly on a large field during the next two months - and I'm usually very busy flying other classes of competition -
but I hope to get it into the air and record some scores

Warm regards to all
Jim Moseley

Some progress with my mini-glider which is now complete other than that I still have to run a d/t line from the Tomy timer and also add ballast to the nose.

It differs from the earlier photo in that I removed the fin and refitted it under the fuselage. This makes it easier to use a simple autorudder system by which a small block attached to the towline will pull out as the model is released and allow the rudder free to move to the glide position. It seemed easier to do this on such a small model than to rig a line on the fuselage with it's own release pin and tubing

I still have to measure out a 30m towline and hopefully to then find
an opportunity to fly and trim the airplane.


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